At Lunarity Collective, we're more than just an enamel pin company; we're a vibrant and inclusive community where artists and collectors come together to celebrate their passions, creativity, and individuality. Our mission is simple: to connect people through the world of quality limited edition collectibles.

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🇵🇭 Hue Dare
🇮🇩 Bodilpunk
🇺🇸 Rutherford
🇺🇸 Kyle Kitchen
🇺🇸 Vomitart
🇮🇩 The Vigilante
🇺🇸 Blue Rei
🇺🇸 Dominik Lupo
🇵🇪 Ilustronauta
🇧🇷 Ilustrata
🇮🇹 DEC Art
🇬🇧 Alex Hovey
🇺🇸 Aaram Kamali
🇺🇸 Dizzy Design
🇺🇸 Byous Art
🇺🇸 Swartz Brothers Art
🇮🇹 EmiMonster
🇺🇸 Glass Crane
🇺🇸 Android Jones
🇮🇹 Federico Spadafora
🇺🇸 Allen Sutton
🇮🇹 Alberto Dolce
🇺🇸 Inkshift



PINS may not be sold for more than drop price + shipping + GnS fees for 30 days after drop. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be black listed from our pin drops.



1. How long will my order take to ship?

Orders are processed 1-2 days after payment. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery, depending on where you live (inside the US).

Orders shipped internationally can take 1-8 weeks to arrive depending on the country; if buyer purchases USPS shipping for an international order, once the item is in USPS possession, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once the package leaves the US, it is the responsibility of the buyer to follow up with their local postal service for shipping updates. For this reason, we recommend obtaining and ordering to a United States proxy address.

Shipping time for pre-orders take 1-3 months. 


2. What is your refund/exchange policy?

Buyers' remorse refunds are not given.
Accidental purchase refunds are not given. Empty your carts!
You must be the ORIGINAL PURCHASER to request an exchange for any reason.

We do our best to quality check the pins, but sometimes one may slip through the cracks or may get damaged en route to you.

Refunds and exchanges are allowed for items if they have:
- bent posts
- large epoxy scratches or underfill (0.25" or longer)
- dents/bent pins
- missing glow
- misplaced paint
- missing plating

The following does not qualify for an exchange:
- small epoxy scratches or underfill (0.25" or smaller)
- pitting
- imperfections on the back

All sales are FINAL.

Blind bags will be replaced with the variant you received, UNLESS we are out of that same variant, in which case it will be replaced with another blind bag.

There are no exchanges on clothing. Please read size charts carefully.

You have 7 days upon marked 'delivered' to inspect your product and contact us about any errors. 


3. My order was returned to sender/is lost/never showed. Now what?

If your order is stuck in transit, please file a case with USPS. That should get the package moving; if there is no movement for a couple of weeks, send us an email at lunaritycollective@gmail.com and we will start the insurance process. If we have extras, we will replace the item for you.

If your order was marked delivered but the package is not there, please file a case with USPS. In some cases, USPS will mark a package delivered but actually deliver it the next day.

We do not offer replacements or refunds on packages that have been marked delivered. 


4. Do you charge sales tax on your items?

Sales tax is applied to orders from Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia, and Minnesota.


5. Do you ship to Europe?

Due to European tax laws, we do not ship to most of Europe. We recommend obtaining a proxy address in the United States that forwards goods to your European address.


6. Do you sell at any events?

Events attended by Lunarity Collective members will be posted on our facebook group. Some drops may take place at said events. We'd love to meet you guys!


7. What is the quickest way to get in touch?

Please submit any inquiries through our contact page. We can also be reached at lunaritycollective@gmail.com or Lunarity Bot on Facebook.


8. What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. 


9. I don't use social media. How can I stay in touch about future drops?

Text LUNARITYDROPS to 1-833-426-0979 to keep up with future drops. SMS Terms and Conditions.


10. I received a Bingo card with my order, what is this?

We like to play bingo from time to time in our Facebook group. Be sure to join so you know when we play. Cards can be used for any game so save them!  


We reserve the right to refuse services or sales to anyone for any reason.